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What is the advantage of using a travel agency? Isn’t it just as easy to go online and book my trip myself?

By contacting a professional agency like Travel All Over, you gain some key advantages:

  • We have access to specials and wholesale prices that aren’t available to the public.

  • We can often book air, car rental, hotel and other items in one package that saves money over booking each individually.

  • We inform you of the total cost before you book. Some online sites don’t tell you about taxes and other fees until you commit.

  • If our clients encounter unforeseen circumstances when traveling we often can help.

  • Our reservations system enables us to look at all the airlines and hotels at one time and quickly find the best value for our clients who might otherwise spend hours online.

  • Our experience, resources, and professional training enable us to advise travelers on a variety of travel issues.

How much do you charge?

If we book a package, cruise, rental car, or accommodations, there is no charge because we earn a commission from those bookings.

Would I save money if I booked those things myself?

Generally speaking no, because the price is usually the same.

What about airline tickets?

When we book air, we charge a small service fee because the airlines no longer pay commissions to travel agents. Still, we are often able to find a price that enables the client to save.

Is there a charge if I don’t book anything?

No. No charge occurs until you commit to booking and give us a form of payment.

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